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Skirts & Pincushions

Yesterday I started to make a denim skirt from an old pair of jeans. I did not take a before picture but I am very happy with the result.

I folded over the legs so the bottom of the jeans were level with the bottom of the fly. I the cut along the folds. I unpicked the inside leg seams. After a bit of tidying the edges the gusset was sewn flat.

After unpicking one seam in each leg, the opened legs were sewn in to the gap front and back.


The seams were then overlooked and the hem pinned. I hemmed the skirt with a double band of stitching.


The skirt was then finished. It’s very comfortable to wear and will get more use this way.


I’ve also whipped up a wrist pincushion using some fabric scraps and a bit of elastic.


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I’ve dabbled before….

I’ve tried blogging In the past. I even managed to keep it up for a month or two. What’s different about this time? Nothing, something, everything?

I make no promises about my frequency of posts. To start with this is for me. It is somewhere to host all my crafts. I love Ravelry for my fibre crafts and I’m starting to love threadbias for my sewing. Both sites are great in their own way but here is my own little space.

I want to design, I want to publish. I want to have the motivation to finish my patterns. I have some I’ve been working on and should I complete them I want to use this space help promote them. Until that time these are my crafty adventures.

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